Online Security of Personal Online Banking

Online banking is a new banking business sprung up along with Internet explosion. It enables the bank to provide mature and convenient financing service to customers anytime and anywhere, so that it was accepted rapidly by customers. However, if no safekeeping measures have been taken when you enjoy the convenient financing service through Internet, some weaknesses will be exposed on Internet which provides opportunities to criminals.

SPD Bank highly values the security and reliability of online banking while developing online banking business. We adopt the world leading network security equipment and strategy to ensure the security of online banking system. But it also requires your own security awareness to cultivate good habit and give no chance to criminals.

To protect the safety of your account and online transaction, the following advices will help:

1. Keep your certificate key and mobile phone well

1) How to select security certificate tool

Certificate and password are operation basis and security safeguard for your online banking operation, please keep them well. Our bank suggests customer to use mobile certificate or dynamic key, set different inquiry password and transaction password.

2) Certificate safekeeping

The certificate must be downloaded to U-KEY and must be kept well. Plug it onto computer only necessary and unplug it promptly when you finish using it. You can also choose to use dynamic key protection. The specific setting method is:After login online banking, select "Online Banking Security Setup"-"Notice Mobile Phone Modification"

If you use browser certificate, you must also use dynamic key protection and setup a smaller activation amount (e.g. 100 Yuan) for enabling the dynamic key.

Setting method of dynamic key:After login online banking, select "Online Banking Security Setup"-"Notice Mobile Phone Modification".

3) Dynamic key management

Do not lend the mobile phone which you receive dynamic key to other person; Beware of mobile phone virus and do not randomly access mobile phone websites or receive multimedia message or other mobile phone documents; delete SMS you received in time;Otherwise potential safety hazard could occur.

2. Instant message SMS notice

Inaugurating instant message SMS notice service of your Oriental Card can assist you to understand the account changes in time.

3. Enhance vigilance to avoid fraud

1) Beware of fake website

Lawless person may tempt you to access the pre-set fake website and input important information like card No. or password through building fake website and sending email to you. Thus, lawless person will steal your important information such as card No., password etc. Therefore, when you access website of our bank, please directly input website address (, to login. Do not access our website in indirect way through hyperlink. It is advised that you add website address of our bank into í░Favoritesí▒ of your browser.

2) Keep bank No. of SMS notice in mind and pay attention to SMS notice content.

Keep 95528 (bank No. of SMS notice) in mind, beware lawless person to proceed fraud in the name of our bank.

When doing key transaction like transfer or payment, customers of online banking dynamic key need to pay attention to the dynamic key received during transaction. Please check whether the prompting message in SMS (such as collection account, transaction amount) is corresponding to your actual operation.

3) Guard against fraud mail

Lawless person may send Trojan horse virus to steal your keyboard entry through sending email and instant messaging to your computer. Therefore, do not rashly open unknown emails, document or pictures sending by stranger through instant messaging.

4) Keep personal confidential information well

Our bank staff shall not ask for your password in any form. Do not give your password to other person when they ask for it in any reason to avoid being deceived.

4. Pay close attention to the security of your computer

1) Periodically download and install the latest security program or patch of operation system and browser.

2) It is advised to modify the hosts document in your computer into read-only document.

3) Install personal firewall to prevent hacker from breaking into you computer.

4) Install and update antivirus software in time

Cultivate the habit of periodically updating antivirus software to prevent from new virus invading. Moreover, "China Financial Certification Authority" and "National Computer Virus Emergency Treatment Center" jointly released "Online banking antivirus software" which will become one of the supplementary means for enhancing computer security.

5) Do not use the computer which operating online banking as the data or document sharing type server.

6) Do not open unknown email.

7) Do not rashly click the document (such as picture) received from instant messaging like MSN.

5. Cultivate good security habit

1) Do not use online banking on public network such as Internet bar or library to prevent other person from stealing your card No. and password through installing Trojan Horses.

2) Always click í░Secure exití▒ button and quit online banking each time after using online banking.

3) When doing transaction in other channels (e.g. ATM, self-help terminal login), please pay attention to password input protection measures.

4) Do not reveal your personal identification information (such as account, Banking ID, password, certificate number) to other person.

5) Do not save card number, password or certificate number in computer or email box.

6) Do not use the same password of our bank as the one of other website.

7) Do not use the figures of relativesí» or friendsí» birthday, telephone number, ID number as password.

8) Set different inquiry password and transaction password to ensure higher security.

9) Any doubt or question, please call our customer service telephone "95528".

This Online Security is stated in both Chinese and English versions on SPDB Online Banking; in case there is any inconformity between them, the Chinese version shall prevail.