Customer Service

The SPD Bank customer service center facing bank-wide customers integrates telephone banking, self-help service and staff service as well as service consultation, transaction handling, product launch and complaint acceptance. The customer service center quality management system has passed ISO9001 certification. You only need to dial the nationwide unified service number 95528 to enjoy all kinds of standard and regularized financial services of SPD Bank anytime and anywhere.   

Easy Cooperation and Powerful Function

The customer service center has organically combined self-help service and staff service, through which you can check account balance, transaction details, orally report loss of account, apply to open “Instant Message” service , set appointed time deposit rules, transfer funds, complete Bank Securities Link transactions, Individual FX Trading, fund trading and self-help payment, etc.  

Instant Message

No Need of opening and Low Charge  

You only have to dial 95528 to use self-help and staff services without any application procedures. When dialing 95528 in cities where SPD Bank has outlets, you only need to pay local telephone fee, which can save your time and efforts instead of handling your service needs at the outlets.    

Considerate Service Anytime and Anywhere

Service of the customer center has no time and space restriction. Yu can enjoy self-help and staff services anytime (24 hours a day throughout the year) and anywhere (directly dial 95528 in cities with SPDB outlets, 02195528 in cities with no SPDB outlets) to inquire about the financial information and handle your service needs. 

Consultation Service, Humanized Experience

You can dial 95528 to inquire about products, services and marketing activities of SPD Bank, inquire about the deposit and loan interest rate, and exchange price quotation, and search for information about SPD Bank outlets and self-help devices to enjoy the convenient and warm staff service.

24-Hour Loss-Report Ensures Your Fund Security  

The 07 version Internet Banking adopted Ajax asynchronous dynamic data presentation technology, which has greatly shortened the transaction waiting time to bring a more pleasant user experience. 

If you have lost your debit card, semi-credit card or deposit book with SPD Bank, please immediately dial 95528 to report loss orally and we will handle the loss information in time to ensure your fund security at the maximum level.

Effective and Fast Compliant Acceptance

If you have encountered any problem or unpleasant experience when using SPD Bank products, you can dial 95528 anytime and anywhere. Our business representatives will accept your complaints, handle in an efficient manner and give you a definite answer.

Tailor-made Characteristic Services

SPD Bank customer service center has launched functions of “Personalized Menu” and “VIP Customer Call Binding” for your convenience.